IT solutions

for any business

  • Feature

    ISD offers development with modern platforms, providing IT solutions for businesses in the most diverse profiles. With decades of experience in the Albanian market, ISD works with a variety of technologies including Web, Desktop, Mobile, Palm and many others. With a specialized and certified staff, our company comes to your aid with teams divided into relevant departments: Support, Development, Finance and others.
    30+ years in the market

    The first certified
    për fiskalizim

    Updated solutions

  • Excellency

    Automation and solutions in the development of your business functions. Easy-to-understand IT solutions for users according to user profiles and roles. Durable IT solutions, accompanied by complete reporting forms for every management level. Authentic programs developed by us and maintained by us (not resellers).
    Effective algorithm

    Simplicity for the user

    Modern technology

    Sustainable solutions

    Reporting form

    24/7 support

    Adaptation to any profile

    Modular solution

    Modern platform

  • Update

    Software based on the latest standards of the legislation in force. Continuous implementation of new technology and methods that appear in the market. Continuous development and improvement of the platforms and tools we use.
  • Flexibility

    ISD applications cover the core functions of any business. Solutions based on orders and requests submitted by subjects. Support and assistance customized according to business needs. Experience with a variety of platforms including Web, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud and others.
  • Expertise

    Advice on business performance starting from balance sheet, payments to financial planning and customer relationship. Full and detailed analysis and expertise up to the final solution of the projects. Specialized and qualified staff, with extensive experience in the field of Information technology



  • Assistance

    ISD offers IT support with qualified and ready staff 24/7. Our support is available online, offline, remote, offsite and through user and administration manuals. 24/7 assistance for technical or developer issues. Online support tools [ Anydesk, Teamviewer as well as our Support platform ] or Support at the location of the subject.