Software built

especially for businesses

Finance and Management

Financial company
Accounting Office
Governmental institutions
Private institutions


Program for detailed management of Bordero and data for Human Resources. Equipped with many functions and suitable according to the characteristics of your business.

Point of Sale and Bar-Restaurant

Coffee bar
Wholesale point

Bar & Restaurant

Desktop and mobile software developed for bars, cafes and restaurants. Enables the realization of the sales process and the management of invoices, orders, products, menu and staff.

Bar Manager

Mobile application for managers of your bar or restaurant. It provides real-time monitoring and enables staff management. Structure related to the sales program Bar App.

Distribution and Logistics

Distribution company
Logistics services
Transport company
Wholesale point


Android handheld app for managing and inventorying items, scanning barcodes and printing labels. Suitable for shops, warehouses, markets, supermarkets, etc.

Mobile Systems

Central system for real-time management and monitoring of the work process from mobile and handheld applications. Developed for distribution, wholesale, field distribution, etc. programs.

Customer service

Online business
Point of sale
Travel agency
Automotive service
Customer service


Web and mobile solutions for online sales of products and services. Built specifically for businesses that carry out retail activity.


B2B eCommerce platform for the online management of orders from sales agents and customers via web and mobile technologies.

Companion Services

Business intelligence

Analytics and specific reports according to the client's request, based on the progress of the business activity.


Development and integration of API with different applications for data access and communication between them.


Data storage through various tools such as Backup, Recovery, etc., and maintenance of the technical infrastructure.

Siguri kibernetike

Antivirus and various systems for providing security and cyber protection of your program data.

Peripheral equipments

Systems that offer the possibility of integration with peripheral devices including: Printer, Scanner, Electronic Scale, etc.

Import programs

Import of documents and references in different formats, configured according to customer requirements.


Programs for automatic printing of labels of various types and formats.

Hardware equipments

Assistance in the selection of equipment including: computer, mobile phone, handheld, thermal printer, scanner, etc.