Financa5 Enterprise

ERP system dedicated to real-time tracking of financial, accounting, managerial, etc. activity for companies with different types of activity. The system consolidates the construction and organization of data in basic business processes including inventories, sales, purchases, production, reporting, etc. Financa5 Enterprise offers multiple, fast, simple configurations and automations, as well as full control at the usage and management level.

Fiscalized invoices with Financa5 for 2022

The first ERP system in Albania

Financa5 Enterprise is an ERP system for managing financial, accounting, and managerial data for private companies or Albanian or foreign state entities.
The IT system provides complete solutions for a wide range of businesses with different types of activity. Financa5 is enriched with automatic functions, detailed configurations as well as control and reporting forms in all business activity. The system enables work operations from the common operator to high levels of management and direction.
Through Financa5 Enterprise businesses benefit from:
Improvement of financial actions and reduction of financial risk.
Organization of the management structure and reduction of excessive costs.
Automating business activity and increasing profitability.
Completion of the documents required by the current legislation and their continuous updating.
Organization of the business through the scaling of roles in the company from common operator to senior management levels.
Reporting and statistics in every aspect of financial activity, accounting, management, inventory, sellers, buyers, human resources, etc.
Utilization of company assets and resources efficiently and quickly.
Informed decision-making based on the real-time state of your business.

A platform for every Financial Solution

Financa5 Enterprise continuously evolves according to the changes in
the legislation in force and is refreshed in accordance with the changes of the SKK and SNK.

Fiscalization in real time

Financa5 offers immediate fiscalization, reporting and control
over all documents and fiscal actions. The system is quite rich with functions and configurations that help in complete solutions without needing the help of other platforms.
Sales Invoice
Purchase Invoice (Auto Invoice)
Accompanying Invoice
Corrective Bill
Initialization of cash actions
Construction of documents with fiscal elements for document types, payment methods, VAT classes, VAT application period, etc.
Correcting the type of document such as autoload, self-sale, agreement between the parties, service from abroad, etc.
Declaration in the system of all fiscal references such as business units, fiscal equipment, fiscal operators, etc.
Diary for fiscalization of documents (Control over all fiscalized documents through the program).
Possibility of group fiscalization of sales invoices, as well as giving group status of e-invoice purchase invoices.
Printing personalized invoice models equipped with QR code.

Financa5 Enterprise modules provide
full control over the main functions of any business

General Ledger

  • Accounting of standard systemic actions including depreciation, wages, profit tax, VAT, etc.

  • Closure of income and expenses

  • Currency revaluation

  • Analytical and synthetic financial reports, Pivot, horizontal and graph formats

  • Financial statements of fiscal reporting (Balance Sheet, Profit-Loss, Cashflow)

Cashier & Bank

  • Ease in the accounting of Cash and Bank actions

  • Accounting for the liquidation of expenses through the cash register/bank and collection of income

  • Ease of reporting by linking receipts/payments to sales/purchase invoices

  • Automation of batch payments/liquidation of analytical invoices

  • Possibility of use at operational and managerial level


  • Accounting of sales invoices with items, with services, with accounts as revenue (via the custom services option), merchandise returns, exports, combined invoices (items and revenue)

  • Entities through the customer card can determine the terms of invoice liquidation, customer discounts, liquidation terms as well as the terms of the contract with customers

  • Wide range of dynamic reports reflecting analytical/synthetic liability, third parties, packaging and promotions

  • The Sales Ledger reflects in real time the actions accounted for in the sales invoices


  • Accounting of purchase invoices with items, with services, with accounts as expenses (via the custom services option), returns, imports, combined invoices (items and expenses)

  • Entities through the supplier card can determine the terms of liquidation of invoices, the terms of liquidation as well as the terms of the contract with suppliers

  • Basic reports in tracking obligations with suppliers and management reports for purchase items

  • The Purchase Ledger reflects in real time the actions accounted for on purchase invoices


  • Registration and management of internal movements through the Entry and Exit Sheets of the warehouses

  • Transfer of items from one production stage to the next stage

  • Control over the results of internal actions through Inventory reports. including Warehouse Card, Inventory Status, Verifier, Days Late, Stock, etc.


  • Asset tracking at a financial and managerial level

  • Keeping analytical lists of assets, accompanied by the history of actions and up to the process of automatic amortization by the system

  • At the management level, the module has two levels of responsibility: that of the user and that of the location

  • These options are supported with relevant analytical reports and by summary categories

Why Finance5 Enterprise

Training & Assistance

ISD comes to your aid by providing services for installation, configuration, on-site training and ongoing online or onsite support as needed.

Increase the capacity of your modules

Financa5 Enterpriseoffers integration options with the following programs:

Mobile Systems

Central system for real-time management and monitoring of the work process from mobile and handheld applications.


Sales program and management for distribution, field distribution, wholesale, pre-sales operations, logistics and on-site customer service.


Program on the palm for managing and inventorying your activity items, scanning barcodes and printing labels.


Program for the complete management of the sales process for stores, markets, supermarkets or any other commercial unit.

Bar & Restaurant

Advanced sales program developed for bar, cafe, restaurant and any other similar business.

Bar Manager

Mobile application for managers of your bar or restaurant. Provides real-time monitoring of sales activity and generation of various reports.


Program for detailed management of Bordero and data for Human Resources. Equipped with many functions and suitable according to the characteristics of your business.


Web and mobile solutions for online sales of products and services. Built specifically for businesses that carry out retail activity.