Mobile Systems

Central system for real-time management and monitoring of the work process from mobile and handheld applications. Developed for distribution, wholesale, field distribution, etc. programs.
Desktop program, with the function of management and control of sales actions and field operations. Certified for fiscalistion.
Possibility of integration and synchronization with financial systems such as Financa5 and with mobile applications such as Distribution, StoreApp, etc.
Monitoring of operations performed by agents, creation of sales and visitation plan. Generating different reports by activity.
Access to invoices, items, prices and customers. Control and rights in each warehouse for the condition of items, making transfers, etc.

Work Process Automation

Agent management solutions and

real-time reporting of sales activity.

Mobile Systems or otherwise MS is a program that provides monitoring of the work process for each agent as well as complete administration over the sales cycle.
Contains modules for adding and managing sales invoices, purchase orders, offers, warehouses, transfers, customer registration, etc. Each user of the program has rights and access to items, quantities, prices and customers.

  • Management of field agents
  • Invoice/order/offer/payment generation
  • Reports on agent activity
  • Customer registration
  • Actions in each warehouse
The program is integrated with financial systems such as Financa5, so that items, prices, barcodes, customers, balances and any other necessary assets can be accessed. All these data are transferred directly to the applications that are connected to the central program. Any invoice or transaction made by agents is automatically posted to MS.

  • Monitoring of field operations
  • Management for each agent - Control over invoices and documents
  • Assigning tasks and scheduling the daily agenda
  • Scheduling visits and meetings with clients
  • GPS tracking for tracking at any time
  • Generating reports on agents (by activity, sales, etc.)

Training & Assistance

ISD comes to your aid by providing services for installation, configuration, on-site training and ongoing online or onsite support as needed.

Increase the capacity of your modules

Mobile Systemsoffers integration options with the following programs:

Financa5 Enterprise

ERP system dedicated to real-time tracking of financial, accounting and managerial activity for companies with different types of activity.


Sales program and management for distribution, field distribution, wholesale, pre-sales operations, logistics and on-site customer service.


Handheld program for managing and inventorying your activity items, scanning barcodes and printing labels.


Program for the management of activity for concessionary units, processes and different stages for the repair of tools, their services, inventory control and spare parts, etc.


Web and mobile solutions for online sales of products and services. Built specifically for businesses that carry out retail activity.