Program for detailed management of Bordero and data for Human Resources. Equipped with many functions and suitable according to the characteristics of your business.
Automating your business's Bordero and Human Resources management more efficiently, more securely and faster.
Creation of invoices, generation of documentation, reports and specific features of employee data management.
Administration of employee data, better planning through management of absences, vacations, leaves, stops and allowances.
Flexibility to configure, create and adapt borders according to the characteristics of your business.

Efficient and Safe Management

  • Personal data
  • Work / Payment
  • Additions / Stops
  • Absence / Reports
  • holidays
  • Documents / Contracts
  • Working hours
  • Export / import of data for one and many employees in Excel/PDF
Payroll enables the customization of Bordero as needed for any type of business. Flexible configurations allow the calculation of taxes, surcharges and stops, rates as well as any other information important to you.
Reverse process: Can open a closed period for an employee or a group of employees allowing the user to recalculate the border in case of error.

Over 50 standard reports covering all aspects of internal reporting and accountability and interaction with state institutions and banks.
Ability to create new reports with custom design and content and grouping by activities.
Collection of necessary information and analysis of data and reports.
Increasing the measurement of your business development and performance helping you in better decision making.

Payroll offers the innovation of connection with fingerprint and access control devices.
This system realizes the automated, accurate and cost-effective management of the employee's working time.
Configurable for entry/exit management as well as automatic additions/stops, attendances, tour starts and stops, and other on-demand applications. Safe, saves time and makes employee time management measurable.

Payroll allows management of an unlimited number of companies and employees. Payroll is easily configurable by matching the features of the system you have chosen for company administration.
You can configure the general data of your company and define working days and hours, detail any characteristics of different departments, structure the salary and implement salary change policies by time, by position, etc.
Payroll configurations provide best practices for security and control through detailed privileges at the user, group, or role level.
Rights-based security (roles) allow defining access and security configurations for different types of users. This enables auditing of who can see certain data and perform specific actions.

Training & Assistance

ISD comes to your aid by providing services for installation, configuration, on-site training and ongoing online or onsite support as needed.

Increase the capacity of your modules

Payrolloffers integration options with the following programs:

Financa5 Enterprise

ERP system dedicated to real-time tracking of financial, accounting and managerial activity for companies with different types of activity.