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Conduct business ethically and reliably
Responsible treatment of the environment
Fair behavior towards the local community and wider society
Open communication and knowledge sharing
Opportunities for training, development and cooperation
Investment in your future
Opportunity for internship

    Cooperate with us to
    gain experience

    Advance your career by gaining knowledge in the IT field

    Project your talent to the function of the company.

    Use techniques in accordance with the latest IT standards.

    Focus on relevant programs towards professional growth.

    Train with the most modern methods.

    Vacant Positions

    We are looking for .NET Developer to join our team

    The candidate must meet these requirements:

    Have experience in working with ongoing and new projects. To be responsible for the development and implementation of web applications. Be skilled in troubleshooting, testing and maintaining software. Contribute to all phases of an application's development cycle.

    Job positions

    Junior Backend Engineer

    Senior Backend Engineer

    Junior Frontend Engineer

    Senior Frontend Engineer

    Junior Mobile Engineer

    Senior Mobile Engineer

    Full Stack Engineer

    DB engineer

    Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

    Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

    IT Support Specialist

    Technical Support Operator

    Specialist Support Operator

    Technical Consultant

    Customer Support Operator

    Social Media Manager

    Product Advertiser

    UI/UX Designer

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