Bar & Restaurant

Advanced sales program developed for bar, cafe, restaurant and any other similar business. Designed as a desktop and mobile app.
Certified fiscal sales program. Equipped with modules for creating and managing orders and invoices.
BAR mobile application for ordering and billing directly from the customer's desk.
Integration with financial systems such as Financa5 and with other applications for communication between them.
Full control and access to items, tables, orders and sales. Generation of fiscalized invoice.

Solutions for every Bar-Restaurant

Management of sales, invoices, orders, personnel and

sales reports for your bar or restaurant.

The BAR program realizes activity sales for bars, cafes, restaurants and any other similar business.
It is designed as a desktop and mobile application, which have the same functionality. Both applications are structured in such a way that they connect to each other and can be integrated with financial systems such as Financa5. Through integration, items, prices, customers and any other necessary assets are accessed from the financial system.
Through the Bar program, it is possible to create fiscalized invoices, receive orders, manage sales and personnel through the generation of various daily/monthly/optional reports.
Every user of the program on desktop or mobile has control and access to actions on items, tables, orders and bar/restaurant sales.
The program provides maximum security for the sales process even when the network is disconnected, transactions are carried out and synchronized with its reconnection.

  • Grouping by Bar or Restaurant type and categorization of articles by groups
  • Actions on tables (Setting/Billing/Close)
  • Start and end of shift for each waiter (user)
  • Generation and printing of the fiscalized invoice
  • Generation and printing of the order for the counter/kitchen
  • Generating reports/turnover for the waiter

Suggested equipment

Training & Assistance

ISD comes to your aid by providing services for installation, configuration, on-site training and ongoing online or onsite support as needed.

Increase the capacity of your modules

Bar & Restaurantoffers integration options with the following programs:

Financa5 Enterprise

ERP system dedicated to real-time tracking of financial, accounting and managerial activity for companies with different types of activity.

Bar Manager

Mobile application for managers of your bar or restaurant. Provides real-time monitoring of sales activity from the BAR program and generation of various reports.