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for more than 30 years

ERP systems dedicated to business performance
Financial and accounting solutions
Technical support and fast remote or on-site service
Technical consultancy from experts in the field
Cloud platform development according to the SaaS model
Development of desktop, web and mobile applications
Fiscalization of invoices and transactions in real time
Maintenance and support according to your business needs

Infosoft Software Developer

ISD was founded in June 1991 1991, making it the first private technology company in Albania that operates in the field of Informatics-Financial and IT Services.

SD has an experience and expertise of more than 33 years, offering IT services, applications and ERP systems integrated for finance, accounting, sales, purchasing, distribution, logistics, inventory, storage, budgeting, organization of human resources and asset management for private businesses and public institutions.

In these 33 years, ISD has continuously adapted modern techniques that offer fast and effective solutions through analysis, design, implementation, testing, installation and maintenance according to international standards.
Also, our company is accredited by ISO / IT Mark / CMMI.

Infosoft Software Developer, a trusted name that has made history in software development in Albania, offers financial solutions for any business profile or public entity, guaranteeing high quality, timely delivery as well as cost-effectiveness based on requirements and customer specifications.

During these years ISD has gained experience and adapted the best practices that lead to the successful realization of projects and allow the provision of solutions beyond the expectations of clients, such as analysis, design, implementation, testing, installation and proper maintenance.

The advantages that our programs enable are high efficiency, time saving, cost reduction and faster work management.

Infosoft Software Developer offers Desktop, Web, and Mobile applications realized with modern technology providing automated, intelligent and multifunctional solutions.

With deep expertise and knowledge in the field of development and programming, ISD serves clients effectively to meet their business requirements and needs.

With decades of experience in the Albanian market, today ISD counts thousands of large and small businesses such as shops, markets, supermarkets, restaurants, production companies, distribution, accounting offices, etc., who have chosen our programs and applications.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our company offers software according to the SaaS model. You can use the programs we offer for as long as you need by subscribing to access them without having to buy the entire product.


ISD provides its servers with which it provides data storage and online access to your applications. With this service you simply open the browser, log in and continue using your application.

ISD creates appropriate and customized applications for each company, nëpërmjet një studimi të detajuar përpara ndërtimit dhe implementimit të aplikacionit. Part of this process is constant consultancy and assistance or possible improvements of the delivered software. We make sure that every app we build is approved by the ordering entity and contains exactly the functionality it needs.

ISD also offers experienced trainers and support for the maintenance of any software we build.

To help businesses and companies by enabling the modernization, digitization and automation of their activity, with professionalism and passion.

  • Integrity
  • Credibility
  • Accurately
  • Responsibility
  • Collaboration
  • Passion

Some of ISD's Clients

Private Sector

Public sector

History of developments in ISD

Versions of the Financa5 program developed in MS-DOS
  • Financa


  • Financa 1.01


  • Financa 2


  • Financa 3.0


  • Financa 4.0


  • Financa Nt


  • Financa POS
    (Pike shitje version Access)


  • Financa5


  • Financa5 Enterprise


  • Financa5 me Fiskalizim
    (Enterprise dhe Standart)


Business - Financial System used by Tax authorities throughout the country. Program implemented in all tax branches of Albania, for the control of entities and tax payers by the Tax authority.
  • Biznes 1.0


  • Biznes 2.0


  • Biznes version Millenium


  • Biznes 3.0


Program for registration of tax-paying funds
  • Kase 1.0


Currency conversion program for exchange companies
  • Exchange 1.0


  • Exchange 2.0


Program for the management of salaries and human resources
  • Payroll 1.0


  • Payroll 2.0


  • Payroll 3.0


  • Payroll 4.0


Online insurance sales program
  • Program per shitjen e siguracioneve
    tek kompanite e sigurimeve


  • Program per shitjen e siguracioneve


Program for complete monitoring of the activity of Bar or Restaurant units
  • Program Bar - Restorant


Program for complete monitoring of the activity of each commercial unit, shops, supermarkets, commercial units, etc. with sales activity directly to the customer
  • Program POS
    (Pikë Shitje)


  • Sistemi MobSys


  • Aplikacioni Servis


  • Aplikacioni Distribucion
    (Mobile Systems)


  • Aplikacioni per
    Magazinat - Logjistikë


Development of ISD programs according to changes in the State plan.
  • Ndryshimi i Planit Kontabël nga
    ministria e Financave


  • Prezantimi i sistemit TVSH
    (Në vend të Tatim Qarkullimit)


  • Implementimi i sistemit të
    Fiskalizimit nga qeveria