Point of Sale F5

Program for the complete management of the sales process for stores, markets, supermarkets or any other commercial unit. Developed for businesses with retail or wholesale activity.
Fiscal Certified POS Sales Program. Equipped with modules for creating and managing invoices. Full control over the sales process.
Compilation of sales and purchase invoices with different payment methods, adding and scanning items, creating offers, bonuses and customer card application.
Integration with financial systems such as Financa5 for accessing items, status, barcodes, prices, etc. Possibility of connection with modern devices and screens.
Real-time updating of items, invoices, turnover, supplies, customer orders, etc. Automatic data archiving.

Solutions for every Point of Sale

Menaxhim të faturave dhe shërbimeve për

retail or wholesale stores, markets, supermarkets.

POS F5 carries out activity sales for shops, markets, supermarkets and any other retail or wholesale point of sale.
The program is structured in such a way that it can be connected to modern devices such as scales, scanners, screens and can also be integrated with financial systems such as Financa5. Through integration, items, prices, customers and any other necessary assets are accessed from the financial system.
Through the program, it is possible to create fiscalized invoices, sales and personnel management through the generation of turnover and various reports. Each user has full control over items, prices and invoices.
POS F5 offers you the ability to create real quotes, save them and invoice them at the time chosen by the customer.
Possibility of invoicing to identified customers as well as regular cash customers. Realizes differentiation according to price groups and identified customers.
The program provides maximum security for the sales process even when the network is disconnected, transactions are carried out and synchronized with its reconnection.

  • Realization of sale
  • Synchronization and updating
  • Proforma customer offer
  • Product warranty administration
  • Invoice and tax voucher generation
  • Fiscalization in real time
POS F5 creates and manages customer card strategies allowing the customer to participate in your value offer and bonus plans. Card updating happens in real time.
The program allows you to record data on the customer and according to his purchases in the system offer discounts and reward points. Customer information can be accessed at any time.
POS F5 helps you increase sales by getting to know your customers better and connecting with them.

  • Customer card application
  • Price list with discounts
  • Offers and bonuses
  • Reward points
  • Marketing management
  • Registration of customer data
Analyzing data and extracting information on total sales, daily comparisons, items that generate the most profit, most popular products and specific turnover reports.
Practical research in all major product areas. Possibility of display based on barcode, warehouse status, expiration date, etc.
The program allows you to collect data about specific times, buying trends and who your top customers are.

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Generation and printing of the fiscalized invoice
  • Global search
  • Possibility of liquidation with cash, bank, etc. payment methods.
  • Generation of throughput/specific reports
  • Real time update

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Training & Assistance

ISD comes to your aid by providing services for installation, configuration, on-site training and ongoing online or onsite support as needed.

Increase the capacity of your modules

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