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  • Maintenance

    Maintenance, organization of technical and human resources, data storage and assistance in problems that appear during the daily activity with our programs. Guaranteed support from teams divided into relevant departments according to profiles.
    Maintenance contract

    Prioritet në shërbim, zgjidhje sipas problematikave teknike dhe zhvilluese, konsulencë për biznese të profileve të ndryshme etj.

    24/7 support

    Suport i garantuar në kohë dhe asistencë e vazhdueshme për çdo problematikë të infrastrukturës teknike.

    Financial solutions

    Programe financiare dhe shërbime të ofruara për çdo biznes apo entitet publik.

    IT solutions

    Mbi 20 shërbime të IT-së, duke filluar nga instalimi deri në ofrimin e sigurisë dhe mbrojtjes kibernetike.

    Training and implementation

    Trajnim të programeve ekzistues apo të personalizuar i ofruar në vend, online apo në sallë me kompjutera individual.

    Technical support

    Organizim të infrakstrukturës teknike të kompanisë/biznesit duke zgjedhur pajisjet e duhura..

  • Consultancy

    Providing financial and technical consultancy to all our clients. Analysis of the relevant entity's operations accompanied by proposals, training, special solutions and assistance for any problem encountered.
    Detailed analysis

    Management consultancy

    Financial consultancy

  • Desktop

    Desktop applications developed for automated solutions and oriented towards the management of economic and financial activity, thus covering the needs of a wide clientele both in the private sector (businesses) and in the public sector (state institutions).
  • Web

    Web applications developed with modern technology, which offer efficient and flexible solutions for business processes with different types of activity, guaranteeing increased performance and quality of work.
    Modern website

    Dynamic Web applications

    Web applications
    according to the order

  • Mobile

    Construction and development of Mobile applications, for intelligent and multifunctional solutions towards digitization and optimization of your business processes. The use of mobile applications enables high efficiency, time saving and faster work management.
    Android applications

    IOS applications

    Cross-Platform Applications

  • API

    Development and integration of API with different applications for data access and communication between them. Automation via API to increase the productivity and efficiency of the work process. Full control over internal information access, service delivery, technical security and resource management.


  • IT services

    Services for installation, implementation, training and assistance from a qualified staff and specialists. Organization and maintenance of the technical infrastructure for your business. Over 20 IT services, ranging from support to providing security and cyber protection.
    IT support

    Technical consultancy

    Database administration

    Siguri kibernetike

    Network configuration

    Server maintenance

  • Hardware

    Assistance and guidance in the selection of the right equipment for the technical infrastructure of your company/business, including: computer, mobile, palmar, thermal printer, scanner, etc.
  • Cloud Saas

    Computing Software as a Service (SaaS) - Software according to the SaaS model. Use the programs we offer for as long as you need by subscribing to access them without having to buy the entire product. Hosting - ISD provides its servers with which ISD provides data storage and online access to your applications. With this service you simply open the browser, log in and continue using your application.

    Subscription software

    Server maintenance