Web and mobile solutions for online sales of products and services. Built specifically for businesses that carry out retail activity.
Possibility of invoicing in all legal formats such as cash, bank, etc. and with full or partial liquidation options.
Construction of the customer database necessary for the drafting of documents, fiscalization processes, statistical analysis, etc.
Works on all devices including computer, tablet, phone and communication with all types of printers.
Construction of invoice or proforma document and printing or sending by email.
Automatic tax calculation and real-time fiscalization.
Construction of the liquidation document.
Customer return or refund.

Online Solutions for Sales and Management

Management of sales made online, reporting on

the status of products, services, cash registers and staff and much more.

WEBPos enables you to create and print professional invoices. Make sales in different currencies, pricing policies based on items/services, quantity or customer – configured in the Finance5 program.

WEBPos provides detailed reports on sales of products and services, cash registers and staff. Graphical displays provide a report of the measured data. Analytical reports present an opportunity to better understand sales performance from time to time helping you make decisions for business growth.

WEBPos enables the sale of items or services in your store and is also suitable for mobile points of sale and resellers.

Expand functionalities

Training & Assistance

ISD comes to your aid by providing services for installation, configuration, on-site training and ongoing online or onsite support as needed.

Increase the capacity of your modules

WebPOSoffers integration options with the following programs:

Financa5 Enterprise

ERP system dedicated to real-time tracking of financial, accounting and managerial activity for companies with different types of activity.