Program for the management of activity for concessionary units, processes and different stages for the repair of tools, their services, inventory control and spare parts, etc.
Control reports for activity results, inventories, statistical data on services, etc.
Module for generating work orders and preparing necessary spare parts.
Recommendations and planning of future services, reservations, offers, etc.
Construction of the calendar for the periodic control of vehicles.
History with vehicle service data.
Automation of the sales process.

Flexible Solutions and Efficient Management

Administration of inventory, sales, orders,

and full control of work flow.

  • Vehicle information: model, model code, year of manufacture, engine power, fuel type, induction system, chassis number, color, license plate, brakes, braking system, transmission, differential, steering.
  • New fields in the form of vehicle information: remote expertise, cost coverage, franchise, depreciation, expertise company, insurance company and any other necessary information.
  • Customer information: personal data, contact, etc.
  • Special information on the states of electric vehicles.
  • Historical information available and easily found.
  • Customized formats according to the characteristics of your business.
Standard services
Possibility to define and implement standard services with ready-made and customized models according to business requirements for a quality and careful customer service.
The Work Order document connects the waiting document with the technical assessment.

  • Starting and closing the work for each work order, with the possibility of following the work phases by the client.
  • Opening the Work Order and charging the personnel with the relevant tasks.
  • Description of internal and external controls of the vehicle.
  • Visual reports of damage/absences on the vehicle in specific parts.
  • Declaration of working hours, comments, technical recommendations.
The Autoservis program is automatically refreshed every time you make a purchase or sale from the warehouse.

  • Keep items at different prices and allocate allowances on each item.
  • Categorize items (spare parts).
  • Set a minimum and a maximum level for placing orders with buyers.
  • Reading spare parts information with barcode reader.
  • Movement from one warehouse to another with Transfer Document.
  • Display and communication of all documents related to the Work Order: Offer, Order, Transfer, Invoice.
  • Flexibility in communicating documents with each other.
  • The possibility to reflect in the sales invoice all the elements included in the service process: technical services, purchase of parts, extra services, etc. according to the allocated Work Order.
  • Invoice to the customer
  • Create and print Invoices and Work Orders quickly
  • Custom invoice and report formats
  • Follow-up of the work according to the stages of realization
  • Direct sales without a Work Order of spare parts
  • Registration with value of basic services to the car
  • Registration of additional services after receiving the vehicle with approval from the client for these works
  • Identification and tracking of service stages according to defined workflow
  • Quality control form of the work performed by the technician on the vehicle by the responsible person
  • Customer history including payment history
Access the most important data on sales, inventory and labor productivity. Reports are displayed on screen, can be printed and exported in pdf/excel formats.

  • Reports on the work done and the person engaged
  • Productivity, working time, hours and performance of technical staff
  • Daily, weekly sales summary on demand
  • Inventory reports including stock sold at zero cost and at cost by item
  • Sales analysis
  • List and price categories

Training & Assistance

ISD comes to your aid by providing services for installation, configuration, on-site training and ongoing online or onsite support as needed.

Increase the capacity of your modules

Autoservisoffers integration options with the following programs:

Financa5 Enterprise

ERP system dedicated to real-time tracking of financial, accounting and managerial activity for companies with different types of activity.

Mobile Systems

Central system for real-time management and monitoring of the work process from mobile and handheld applications.