Bar Manager

Mobile application for managers of your bar or restaurant. Structure related to the Bar & Restaurant sales program.
Real-time monitoring of sales activity by the BAR program.
Performance monitoring by displaying and generating various reports.
Management and supervision of staff on a sales basis for each waiter.

Solutions for every Bar-Restaurant

Management of waiters and

real-time reporting of sales activity.

Bar Manager app is designed as a mobile application, through which you can easily manage your bar or restaurant.
Each user of the application, in this case the manager, has the possibility of managing sales and personnel by generating various daily/monthly/optional/turnover reports for the waiter, etc.

The program is integrated and synchronized with the Bar application and financial systems such as Financa5, in such a way that invoices, items, prices and any other necessary assets can be accessed. Any receipt or action performed by the Bar sales app is automatically reflected in the Bar Manager App.

Training & Assistance

ISD comes to your aid by providing services for installation, configuration, on-site training and ongoing online or onsite support as needed.

Increase the capacity of your modules

Mobile Systemsoffers integration options with the following programs:

Financa5 Enterprise

ERP system dedicated to real-time tracking of financial, accounting and managerial activity for companies with different types of activity.

Bar & Restaurant

Advanced sales program developed for bar, cafe, restaurant and any other similar business.