Web and mobile invoicing for the sales of services

WEBPos is specially designed for retail businesses


WEBPos, a web application to assist businesses for the effective management of remote sales and invoicing.

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Flexible and expandable solution with third integrations

  • Execution of pay orders
  • Options of cash invoicing, bank etc, with the possibility of partial payment or payment in two different ways
  • Automatic calculation of taxes
  • Creation of proforma invoices and printing/delivery by email
  • Invoice printing/delivery by email
  • Registration of customers and collection of information on the client for marketing
  • Suitable for any kind of equipment: PC, Tablet, Smartphone
  • Client Return/Reimbursement

Intuitive invoicing

WEBPos enables the generation and printing of professional invoices.
Execute sales in different currencies, price policies on the basis of items/services, quantity or customer- configured in the program Finance 5.


WEBPos provides detailed reports on sales of product and services, treasury and personnel. Graphic displays show a view of measured data.
Analytical reports present an opportunity to better understand the performance of sales from time to time, helping you make decisions for business growth.

Remote sale via internet

WEBPos enables the sales of items or services in your shop. It is also suitable for mobile points of sale and resellers.

Expand functionalities with additional modules


WEBPos offers integration with RADIUS server for managing subscriptions automatically. At the time of the execution of sales of various web services. WEBPos communicates with RADIUS to refresh the service with proper duration.

MOR Billing

WEBPos provides integration with MOR Billing server to realize the management of balance sheet or automatic generation of payments after creating invoice in the program.


In order to enable further amplification of the functions, this program is integrated with the following programs:

Financa5:  A fully complete and flexible financial program for bookkeeping of a business.

Training, Assistance

WEBPos is easy to use, fast, convenient for all kinds of businesses with small or large number of personnel.
ISD helps and follows you with services for installation, configuration, on-site training and continuous online and onsite support, as appropriate.

WEBPos is avaible on any device PC, Tablet, Smartphone.