Financial solutions for businesses

Infosoft Software Developer is the leading company for financial solutions in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

We provide software and services for business management, starting with balance sheet, Human Resources, payments up to the financial planning and the relationship with the client.

By collaborating with ISD, you will have quality at the best price and you can focus on the most important aspects, such as the growth of your business.

Depending on your needs, we can be a balance keeper, an accountant, part-time CFO, business adviser or an entire business department.

Web and Desktop applications development

ISD – Infosoft Software Developer is the first company in Albania that offers Web and Desktop applications implemented with the latest platforms, providing an automated, intelligent and effective solution.

Our company has successfully realized a large number projects with the following technologies: .NET, Android, IOS.

Mobile application development

With 25 year experience in application development, our group of programmers has created deep knowledge in mobile applications to meet effectively the demands of clients from a wide range of businesses.
We have implemented a large number of mobile applications for companies of different sizes, while respecting the development times and at high standards.

Cloud Computing

Infosoft Software Developer has its own servers by which it provides data storage and online access of the applications.

With this service you simply open the browser, log in and continue to use your application.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

ISD also provides software according to SaaS model. In this way, you can use the programs we offer only for the time you need, paying it as a subscription service, without the need to buy the whole program.

Software Engineering

In order to build appropriate and customized applications for each company, we carry out a detailed study before implementation and building an application. A part of this consultation process is the continuous consultancy both before and after implementation for potential improvements.
We also offer experiences and supportive trainers for maintenance of each software we build.