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Financa 5

Why Financa 5

Financa 5 is a software solution, product of our company that is extended all over Albania for a great range of businesses and activities. Today Financa 5 is the most widespread and successful software in the Albanian market. It remains actual and modern, because every six months, the Company launches Finance 5 product updates. These updates follow the changes in Country Legislation and economical developments in Albania.

The last version of F5, includes the Full Module of the “New Accountability Standards” that are compulsory according to the Albanian law. It also includes the Full Module of the Actives according to the Albanian law of Accountability and New Standards, the full Module of the Payroll with all the compulsory databases of Insurance for the Tax Bodies.

Over time additional modules were added to this product and today the Company is able to provide 360º coverage of business needs with solutions covering purchasing, sales, accounting, finance, reporting and mobile.