Human resource management and payrolls

A program that has every detail for an effective practice.


Payroll provides payroll management automation and Human Resources of your business in an efficient, safe, fast manner, consistent with applicable law.

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Manage the data in a single program more efficiently

An integrated software solution, Payroll improves productivity and efficiency of work, helps control of labor cost, which directly contribute to your company’s performance.
Payroll offers all the advantages of a smart and appropriate program according to the
characteristics and specifics of each industry.
Payroll creation, generation of documents, reports and specific features of data management of personnel, in a simple and friendly use manner.
Better and much easier planning through management of absences, vacations, permits,
prohibitions and additions.
Flexibility for the configuration, creation and adaption of payrolls by characteristics of your business.

Automatic calculation of wages, taxes, additions and prohibitions.

Administers several companies simultaneously.

Configured to produce documents conforming to Albanian legislation as well as to banks in the country.

Detailed information on employee

Personnel module provides detailed information management:

  • Personal data
  • Work / Payment
  • Bonuses/Withholdings
  • Absences /Sick Leaves
  • Vacations
  • Documents/Contracts
  • Working Hours

Export / import of data for one or more employees in Excel / PDF format.

Flexible calculation configurations

Payroll enables the payroll personalization as per the needs
for each business. The flexible configurations enable the calculation of taxes, bonuses and withholdings, rates and any other important information for you.

Reverse processes: may open a closed period for one employee or a group of employees by
allowing the user to re-calculate the payroll, in case of any errors.

Personalized reports

Over 50 standard reports that cover all aspects of internal reporting and accountability of the interaction with the state institutions and banks.

Options of the creation of new reports with personalized design and content, and grouping by activities.
Collection of the necessary information and analysis of data and reports.
Development of measuring growth and performance of your business, helping you with a better decision making.

Biometric Access

Payroll provides the innovation of connection with fingerprint and access control device.
This system performs automated, accurate management and with less cost of the employee
working time.
Configurable to manage the entries/exits, as well as automatic bonuses /withholdings,
attendances, start and closing of shifts and other applications upon request.
Safe, time-saving and makes the employee’s time management measurable.

Configurations and Security

Payroll enables the management of a number of enterprises and unlimited number of employees.
Payroll is easily configurable by matching the characteristics of the system that you selected for the administration of the company.
You can configure the general information of your company and specify the days and working hours, detail every characteristic of various departments, structure the salary and implement salary change policies change over time versus the relevant position etc.
Payroll configurations provide the best practices for security and control through detailed privileges at user, group or role level.
Security based on rights (roles) allows the determination of access and security configurations for different user types. This enables auditing of who can see certain information and perform specific actions.


Payroll training is scheduled in one session in the end of five modules of Finance5, during a one week training.

At the six session of the training students are introduced to the practice of using the program in keeping payroll accounting “Payroll Program”.

The training development takes place in a equipped space with personal computers where each participant operates in the program with a potential enterprise, practicing with real examples of each module during the training session.


In order to enable further amplification of the functions, this program is integrated with the following programs:

Financa5:  A fully complete and flexible financial program for bookkeeping of a business.

Training, Assistance, Hardware

Payroll is easy to use, fast, convenient for all kinds of businesses with small or large number of personnel. ISD helps and follows you with services for installation, configuration, on-site training and continuous on line and on site support, as appropriate.
Payroll cooperates with control access and fingerprint device.