Financial Reports

Financial disclosure reports by NAS and IAS

Generation of personalized Annual Financial Reports

Financial Reports

Financial Statements are designed to assist accountants and financiers to create and customize the annual reports.

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Advanced reporting module of Finance5

This program creates complex and detailed reports for your business allowing flexible configuration of rows and columns you wish to display in your financial report.
Financial statements provide ready-made templates of reports: Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss, Capital, Cash Instruments (direct method), Cash Instruments (indirect method), Statement of Income and Expenses (by function), Statement of Income and Expenses (by nature).
Also special functions: duplicate reports, copy, sync, security administration based on user rights. Special further functions: duplication of reports, copying, synchronization, administration of security on the basis of the user’s rights.

Report Design

Design & Generation of lines

Through this tool you can customize the appearance of reports. It configures each row and column for each report. Changes in the lines are reflected in the columns redesign. The program also allows creating descriptive lines.

Column design

You can use this tool to create the columns you wish to display in your financial report.
The configured columns operate with configured rows.
You can select out of 12 types of columns, including graphs, calculations, filters and additional components.

Financial information

The financial information in these reports comes directly from the Grand Book, therefore it is user-friendly.
Financial statements allow direct link with the budget that you configure at the beginning of the financial year.

Report Generation

Report Generation

It creates unlimited and detailed complex reports for your business, allowing flexible configuration of rows and columns you wish to display in your financial report. The program allows the group reports and prints them as single document.

Calculation of rows & filters

Complex formulas can be easily configured for each line: You can select and change the font style, color, size.
The filter of accounts can be used for specific accounts or segments, further, you can set criteria for each account filtered.

Report construction

This instrument generates financial reports from the rows and columns created with the design components. You may select the users and their respective rights individually or by grouping them with the same rights for specific reports.


Groups of Reports

Groups of reports can be used to create groups consisting of two or more financial reports. The program enables management of different rights for users of different profiles according to your needs.

Display option

Financial statements allow you to apply the display option in each row or column of the report.
You can select which rows / columns should not appear in the report.
You can use rows / columns to perform calculations / estimates which you wish not to report but you need to draw the desired values.
You can choose to not display rows / columns in which the balance is zero.

Change of the sign

The General Ledger contains debits in positive numbers and credits as negative numbers. Financial statements enable their printing with the respective marks.

You can choose to change the sign, print the amount of credit in positive sign. For instance, to print an access credit, in order to avoid the display of negative sign, you can use the sign change for row / column that uses the respective accounts..


This program is integrated with Financa5 as an extra module in order to enable further amplification of the functions.

Financa5:  A fully complete and flexible financial program for bookkeeping of a business.

Training, Assistance

Pasqyrat Financiare is easy to use, fast, convenient for all kinds of businesses with small or large number of personnel.
ISD helps and follows you with services for installation, configuration, on-site training and continuous online and onsite support, as appropriate.