Financial Management and Accounting

Effective, flexible and safe. Built in order to help the business.


Financa5 provides solutions for resource planning of your company. It helps small and
businesses and large companies automate and conclude sales, purchases, operations, accounting and warehouse inventory.

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Definitive financial solution for your business accounts

Financa5 is the most qualitative choice. The program serves all business operators according to the functions they perform in companies like warehouses, purchase, sales, treasury, banks up to the highest levels of decision-making such as financial management and administration.
Organization of the work with the program operates by modules. In each module the rights of system use are limited or permitted according to any function performed by every program operator.
In the latest version of Financa5, management of user rights is introduced at a more advanced level.




Larger number of reports according to the departments of lists of the General analytical Ledger, Sales, Warehouse. Addition of the concept of supplier in terms of goods. Advanced search in documents and reports. Horizontal pivot format export of the reports. Possibility to upload copies of original documents in the system and creation of archives of documents in different formats.


Accuracy in transferring and reporting the warehouse operations, average calculation of the cost of goods under the accepted methods and accounting practices and the provision of over 360 managerial reports constitutes a competitive advantage in its organization. Financa5 enables the subjects to  prepare invoices for the trade of goods and personalized services (with over 475 ready-made printing models) according to the nature of the company activity.


This program evolves in accordance with the amendments of the legislation in force and is updated in view of changes of NAS (National Accounting Standards) and IAS (International Accounting Standards).
Financa5 is adapted to the public or private accounting plan of accounts and in any case the user can add / detail or reduce accounts by economic profile of the subject/company.



Transfer of documents from the treasury and the bank and automatically within the same module. Report on the transfers of monetary values to the module. FD creation from the order, internal movement and automatic transfer from one warehouse to another with subordinate units, posting and improved re-evaluation of average cost. Immediate links from the reports to documents.


Treasury- Bank


Automatic payments for subsequently paid invoices with periods of clients in the bank and treasury modules for the group of invoices immediately by reference.



Price offers, creation of the price lists for customers in a personalized manner and activation of prices in certain dates for specific periods, in addition to the existing 10 price classes.



Management of warehouses and stock with minimum and maximum stock for warehouses and card-testing in operations for minimum quantities and relevant warehouse reports.


Accounting by Cost Center

This program is the only one in the market, which organizes accounting with cost centers and reflects financial statements for reporting purposes in Albania and abroad, with an option in a second language.

Non-current assets

Accounting of Non-Current Assets can be arranged in two versions:The assets are opened as items by card, linked with appropriate accounting scheme of non-current assets and are included in the relevant warehouse.
The assets are opened through inter-modular activities as a double record, where they are broken down through the List option.


Data archive and automatic backup of database serve as elements of security for data protection and program historical background.



User Management at advanced level and keeping relevant modifications diary to identify users and IP from which the act was carried out. Options of user management at levels of customer, supplier, goods, Account, Department, Reports, Printing and document export, following the management of users at the level of enterprise, warehouse, treasury, bank.


Financa5 enables businesses to carry accounting data from one year to another as required by the existing or new accounting plan. Transfer of data from the excel format to sales invoice, purchase invoice, receipts, special acts, references and items, is carried out automatically. On the other hand, the program enables the transfer to ready-made Excel version of the purchase and sales books, which are uploaded in the website of tax authorities.

General Ledger

The General Ledger module enables the subjects/companies to realize:

Accounting of standard systematization operations such as amortization, salaries, profit taxes etc.
Currency re-valuation.
Analytical and Synthetic Reports.
Financial statements of fiscal reporting etc.


In the course of the daily working practice with the program, the subjects/companies continue to keep accounts by opening the company warehouses, items based on accounting schemes through the inventory module.
All internal documents of the company (including opening of the inventory): movements from one warehouse to another up to the transfers of items from a previous stage of production to the following one, are developed through internal documents such as entry and exit sheets of the warehouse.
All the internal documents display their results through inventory reports such as those related to the Warehouse Card, Inventory Stock , Verification, Days of Delay, Stock etc, which we find in the Inventory – Reports on the options of Movements, Documents, Inventory, List etc.


The subjects/companies, via the program, maintain accounts of the purchase invoices in local and foreign currency at the daily exchange rates, purchase invoices with items and services as accounting expenses, purchase returns and investments in non-current assets.
Import is a practical accounting link that enables Financa 5 systems, which undergoes three consecutive steps from accounting of the purchase invoice of the foreign supplier to Purchase Invoice, to the accounting of the customs practice to the scheme “Imports and Purchases ‘and is finalized with charging in the cost of expenses accumulated from the order of goods until the moment of its storage to a subject such as transportation costs, costs of customs agency, parking in the customs facilities etc, by fx function.

Reports of purchases allow analyzing actions of the supplier to provide accounting frame, list of obligations to them, storage costs and book of purchase based on the updated version with the new changes of the fiscal program of taxes.


Financa5 Program enables the accounting of sales invoices with goods, with services as income (through the option of personalized services), restitution of goods, exports, combined invoices, items and income etc).
The subjects/companies, through the client’s card, may specify the terms of payment of invoices, discounts of clients, liquidation terms, as well as the terms of contract with the clients. Even in the sales reports, the program operators may see the card of operations with the customers, their obligations, margin of the profit of specified sales according to the customers and other reporting auxiliary filters.
The sales book reflects the accounted operations in the sales invoice with the format changed as per the new “e-filing” system.

Treasury and Bank

Work with treasury and banks through the program starts with the creation of treasuries and banks as per the currencies and accounts, which may be added according to the accounting needs through the Accounting Plan.
The program facilitates the accounting of the Treasury and Bank operations, fundamentally respecting the accounting laws in force through double registration. It facilitates the accounting of the liquidation of expenses via the treasury/bank and income receivables. It is a facilitating program in providing information because it links receivables/payments with the sales/purchase invoices.

The program implementation is highly flexible and is easily adapted to the synthetic and analytical needs of public businesses and every module provides practical opportunities of use at operation and management level.


Training development in the rooms is conducted via individual PCs, where each participant operates the program with a potential enterprise by applying real examples in every module during the training week.

  • Inventory and its reports
  • Purchases and analytical reports
  • Sales and analytical reports
  • Treasury, bank and analytical reports
  • Financial statements and accounting systematization operations associated with the fiche of accounts of the warehouse accounting schemes.


Participants in a study relationship, supplied with relevant university certificates, pay areduced rate.
Participants who are not involved in a study relationship pay a full standard fee.
Participants who are employed for the companies that have bought the full package program, benefit free of charge training as part of the package.