Management of Online Orders

Solutions for Agents and Customers


EShop also proposes an innovative solution for managing orders from online Agents and Customers through mobile devices.

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B2B eCommerce platform

EShop is the right choice to execute direct online remote orders, facilitating your sales activity.
This program enables the effective introduction of the products, with a detailed description and relevant images and receipt of orders in a correct and simple manner.


Real time overview on the state of products rapidly obtaining information on their characteristics and whether the product is in stock. Products are listed and easily accessible in advanced search with various modalities: by Code, Barcode, Price, Description and group of products.

Price list

Price list based on the clients in accordance with business demands. Modification of specific products from promotional bids. Setting the minimum / maximum for products.


The Chart provides brief information on the products selected by the Agent / Client: quantity, Prices, total of the chart.
It is highly flexible to add and remove products by quantity and type. It further offers a view of the accounting situation during and at the end of addition / removal of products and quantities. Modification of the chart is too practical: directly from the list baskets by agents.

Consultation and order follow-up

Notice by email on the change of the order status, allowing monitoring, tracking, view of the inventory, invoicing etc.

Historical background

History of orders for each user. Presentation and on-line delivery of orders. Invoicing option in various currencies.

Analytical Reports

Integration with Google Analytics: measuring marketing in the Web, real-time data and reports on visitors and customers of your program.


In order to enable further amplification of the functions, this program is integrated with the following programs:

Mobile System: Program for warehouse management and administration.
Financa5:  A fully complete and flexible financial program for bookkeeping of a business.

Training, Assistance

EShop is easy to use, fast, convenient for all kinds of businesses with small or large number of personnel.
ISD helps and follows you with services for installation, configuration, on-site training and continuous online and onsite support, as appropriate.