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ISD ERP product package

ISD applications cover the main functions of every business.
Business processes involved in ISD ERP product package include:



Financial Accounting
Financial Management



Sales and Marketing
Distribution and Logistics


Management of Human Resources



It provides automation and solutions in developing your business functions:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Allocation and Control
  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Management of entries and exits

through the main modules: the General Ledger, Inventory, Purchasea, Sales, Treasury, Bank and additional modules and other programs with which it can be integrated:

  • Pasqyrat Financiare
  • POS
  • MS
  • Distribucion
  • WEBPos
  • Payroll



Customized App

ISD offers the development of Web Applications, Desktop, Mobile with the latest platforms providing automated, intelligent and effective solutions.

Our company has successfully realized projects with .Net, Android, IOS technologies.

Financial consultancy

Business management advice starting with the balance sheet, payments up
to financial planning and relationship with the client. Our specialists are near you for help and solutions on Finance5 program and other related programs.

IT Assistance and Support

ISD offers IT support with qualified staff available on 24 × 7 basis.
Our support is available online, offline, remote, offsite and through manuals of use and administration. The ISD provides support in various forms: occasional, by simple contract and professional contract.