Vehicle services management

Automate solution for administration, management and sales of services and spare parts for vehicles.


Autoservis program is built for motor vehicle services and repair business.

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An effective program which fulfills your business needs

Benefit the advantages of a program that meets your needs and characteristics of the work of implementation and sales automation services, control of spare parts, vehicle service history, recommendations for future services, calendar, booking services, etc.

  • Reception module of the client immediately generating a working order.
  • Control of the inventory to maximize profit.
  • Reports for the delivery of a more careful service to your clients.

Working Order

The Working Order document implements the link of receipt document with the technical finding. Various stages of the process are facilitated by the program:

  • Launching the Working Order and charging personnel with the relevant tasks.
  • Launching and finalizing work for each working order, with the option of follow-up by the client of working stages.
  • Description of internal and external inspections of the vehicle.
  • Visual reports of damages/shortfalls on the means in specific parts.
  • Declaration of the working hours, comments, technical recommendations.

Standard services
Option to determine and carry out standard services with ready-made and personalized models based on the business demands for a qualitative and careful service to the client.


Autoservis program helps you manage sales through:

  • Invoice for the client.
  • Rapid creation and printing of invoices and working orders.
  • Personalized forms of invoices and reports.
  • Work follow up as per the implementation stages.
  • Direct sales of spare parts, without a working order.
  • Registration with the value of basic services to the car.
  • Registration of additional services after receiving the means with the client’s approval for these works.
  • Identification and compliance with the service stages based on the defined workflow.
  • Form of work quality control carried out by the technician on the means by the responsible person.
  • Client’s historical background, including also a background of payments.


In order to enable further amplification of the functions, this program is integrated with the following programs:

Mobile System: Program for warehouse administration and management.
Financa5: A fully complete and flexible financial program for business accounting.

Training, Assistance, Hardware

Autoservis is easy to use, fast, convenient for all kinds of businesses with small or large number of personnel.
ISD helps and follows you with services for installation, configuration, on-site training and continuous online and onsite support, as appropriate.

Autoservis works also with Windows system tablets.